Street Self-Defense in Los Angeles

Weapons (Knife, Stick, Handgun): Taught Privately by Appointment Only

Self-Defense Classes in West LA: Taught Privately by Appointment Only

self defense class los angelesCQC is the study of real-world, practical self-defense techniques and philosophy. Different from MMA or other sport-fighting disciplines, CQC utilizes street tactics–no rules, vital area striking. Much of CQC is a mix of techniques, adapted from Krav Maga, American Military Tactics, Hapkido, Jeet Kun Do, Ninjutsu, and Law Enforcement training. However, we hand-pick and practice only self-defense techniques that are proven effective in real-time, full-speed attacks. In that sense, CQC is often an experimental study: Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, we determine what will ACTUALLY work on the street for any particular individual, dealing with a specific environment, attacker(s), and weapon(s). This course will cover the following in detail:

– Real-World Self Defense Philosophy & Saftey Training
– Environmental Awareness & Surveillance
– Various Defensive Positions (Standing / Ground)
– Hand-to-Hand Combat & Open Hand Against Weapon
– Proficiency in Knife, Stick, and Various Commonly Found Objects
– Multiple Attackers
– Basic Handgun Defense
– Vital Area Striking
– Variety of Environments

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